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Located in the heart of Los Angeles downtown, the Staples Center has developed a reputation as a versatile arena in a prime location. The arena has already hosted tennis matches, figure skating competitions, and even the 2000 Democratic National Convention. It also regularly plays host to award shows such as the Grammys and major concerts from prominent artists.Staples Center is a part of the L.A. Live development, which houses the L.A. Convention Center, the Nokia Theater, restaurants and museums, among other things. Also outside the arena is Star Plaza, where various statues of past L.A. stars are on full display. Inside the arena, it has a maximum capacity of roughly 20,000 and features all the amenities to be expected of a modern arena. When the Staples Center was first conceived, it was designed to not only hold games, but also to give fans a world class entertainment experience. There are over 1,000 flat screen televisions throughout the arena along with a brand new center hung video display that debuted in 2012. Things are a bit crowded at the Staples Center, as the Los Angeles Kings, Lakers, and Clippers all call the arena home. This was never more evident than in 2012, when all three teams reached the postseason, making for quite an eventful spring. The Laker’s sustained success has made the Staples Center a hot spot of activity. But they are not the only hot ticket in town: the Kings won the Stanley Cup Championship in 2012. That confirms what was already known: there are few better places in the world for sports than the Staples Center.

Aaron Lewis Tickets – A Country Singer With Rage

As typical with heavy metal back in the late ’90s till early 2000s, the darkness of humanity was explored — with bands such as Alice in Chains and Soundgarden hitting the airwaves. It was when a little-known band known as Staind came into the black horizon of rock and brought to the forefront a singer named Aaron Lewis back in 1996. Believe it or not — you’re looking at a true-blue country singer here given he broke from the band to release his own LP Town Line in 2011.
Aaron Lewis Tickets – Although Staind’s music drove home that rage of rock that was so prevalent of the era, what really stood out was Lewis’s melodic vocals, aiming for that solo career in 2011. Signature singles from the band that showcased his voice are ‘Epiphany’, ‘For You’, ‘Outside’ and ‘It’s Been Awhile’. off the second studio album from Staind entitled Break the Cycle.

Aaron Lewis Tickets – A Dark Heart

It was that combination of hard-hitting angst and deep, soulful darkness that made Lewis such a hit, reaching in to personal issues having to do with parents getting divorced, the emotional horror of his childhood and other pensive echoes of the past that listeners could all relate to, especially listeners of the ‘troubled youth’ type. In many ways — you could consider Aaron Lewis therapy for a wounded heart and a raised goblet of rock (and apparently country music as well!) for your royal soul.”