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The “Original Diva”

Barbra Streisand has often been called “The Original Diva,” and there’s good reason. She is one of the most recognizable singers and artists of her generation, and for sure is one of the very few artists who climbed the ranks of the entertainment industry using nothing more than her vocal skills to achieve success.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Streisand was a struggling actress and singer performing in nightclubs before in 1962 getting her first Broadway role in “I Can Get It for You Wholesale.” Those albums, and her appearance on a studio revival of “Pins and Needles,” were her very first recordings – but they certainly wouldn’t be her last.

It was “The Barbra Streisand Album” of year 1963 that put this songstress in a spotlight that would simply grow bigger and bolder throughout her career. The album became a gold-selling Top 10, record, and made Streisand not only one of the biggest-selling recording musicians of the 1960s, but paved the way for 36 albums (and counting) spanning nearly 50 years. Among them was her first chart-topping LP, “People,” “A Star is Born” in 1976 and recording success along with the likes of Neil Diamond and Donna Summer.

There isn’t one thing, really, that Streisand hasn’t done. She is a singer, songwriter, actress, author, film producer and director. Her haul includes 2 Oscars, 8 Grammys, 5 Emmys, a Tony Award, a Peabody and a Kennedy Center Honors award. She is one of the a very few artists to achieve No.1 albums in five successive decades, and even her last project (2012’s compilation “Release Me”) landed in the Top Ten.””

Is Barbra Streisand heading to Broadway?

The iconic Barbra Streisand was involved in a rather public predicament recently when she seemed to be in disagreement with the LGBT community. Why? Because the writer Larry Kramer accused Streisand of keeping the cinematic rights to his work, known as “The Normal Heart,” under lock and key for years.

Kramer alleged, among other things, that Streisand is not willing to allow to make a cinematic adaptation of his play as she did not want to see an unpleasant love scene play between the two people of the same sex. The debate picked up steam following the release of “The Normal Heart” adaptation on HBO in late May, and Streisand finally felt forced to issue a statement on her involvement with the original project. She said, that Larry was unfair blaming her for the movie that was not being made. Barbra was not paid for working on it for over 25 years and Larry, who had the rights on that movie for years could not finish it either.

Now that the argument is starting to die down, Streisand’s name is being thrown around for another project. In a new interview director Fred Schepisi revealed new details about the forthcoming big screen edition of the Tony Award-winning musical “The Drowsy Chaperone.” He says he is considering Streisand for a role, along.