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Beck tackles Bowie’s “Sound and Vision”

What’s Beck been up to lately? To answer that we have to go back a little ways to 1999, when a jarring change in his musical direction was apparent with the release of his seventh studio album, “Midnite Vultures.” Called ‘part satire and part salute to soul and funk’ by Billboard magazine, reviews for mixed for the widely varying musical styles and the album failed to achieve the same commercial success as his breakthrough projects.

Beck shifted course again with “Sea Change,” recorded in the wake of a painful split up in 2002, and after an extended hiatus he returned with “Guero,” in 2005, an album that sparked a reunion with the Dust Brothers. It spawned several hits, including “E-Pro” and “Hell Yes” and a couple months later was followed by a remix version of an album named “Guerolito”.

In February 2008, Beck announced to Rolling Stone magazine he was working on another new album with an anonymous producer eventually revealed to be Danger Mouse. That album, “Modern Guilt,” marked the first time in 14 years Beck worked together with a producer beyond the Dust Brothers or Godrich. He also began experimenting and collaborating with other artists, working on an album with country singer Dwight Yoakam and later appearing on a mixtape from actor Donald Glover.

Beck’s latest project, “Song Reader,” was released in December 2012 with 20 songs featured as sheet music only, with full-color art for each one, in a hardcover case. He also recently recorded an 8-minute version of David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision” with an 167-piece ensemble that will also launch the online “Hello, Again” series by Lincoln motor company.

Beck Tickets – Not Just Any ‘Loser’

You want originality, creativity, a newborn essence of Paul McCartney-meets- Bob Dylan fanaticism and musical genius? That describes the music artist simply known as Beck to a tee. Bek David Campbell was born in Los Angeles, California on July 8, 1970, struggling to find a calling, practically homeless on a few occasions. Heading to Los Angeles, here was a man sneaking onto stages, trying to make the name for himself – someone caught wind of him. And that was Geffen Records.

Beck Tickets – Gettin’ Freaky With the Cheez Whiz

His debut Mellow Gold in 1994 earned him critical acclaim, especially with his hit ‘Loser’ taking the music arena by storm. He later in 1996 hit it big again, dispelling the notion that he was a 1-hit wonder, with the release Odelay, featuring the hit single named ‘Where It’s At.’ Since then, his music has astounded many with the ability to reinvent himself and redefine himself countless times, heralded by many as a veritable music genius.

Beck Tickets – He Definitely Is Where It’s At

You can’t really label Beck into any genre; but for sure, his style is a mix of folk, punk, rock and Hip Hop fused with drum machines, instrumentations, and heady sound effects. The man once known as Bek David Campbell truly found his calling. Once again, a veritable genius in the music industry.