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Chris Cornell Tickets – The Sound of the Garden in the Past

Remember the iconic band Soundgarden? Many do. It just so happens that it birthed another great rock’n’roll legend by the name of Chris Cornell, the actual frontman for the band. Once Soundgarden departed back in 1997 and the man who led the band formed the supergroup Audioslave, it became clear that Cornell needed to break away and become a solo act.

Chris Cornell Tickets – A Solo Star in the Making

Born on July 20, 1964, and already loving the heavy metal genre, it made sense that he would rage on with his defining sound with the release of his 1999 debut solo album entitled Euphoria Morning with the Mission Impossible 2 soundtrack staple ‘Mission.’ After his stint with Audioslave, he returned to the solo style with a remarkable 2007 album entitled Carry On. Touching all levels of entertainment, you could hear one iconic song from the album on the ‘Casino Royale’ soundtrack entitled ‘You Know My Name.’ Interscope Records had to have been pleased. He amazed the music industry further with two digital downloads entitled ‘Ground Zero’ and ‘Watch Out,’ two of the first digital tracks ever to be released.

Chris Cornell Tickets – The Sound of Cornell

It wasn’t his raging, wild voice that made headlines, although you’d recognize Cornell when you heard him. Rather, it was his presence in the music industry, something of a timeless nature that never left the ears of those who loved hard rock music. Chris Cornell will still be around for quite a long time, and play the music he loves with metal passion.

Cornell goes solo

Anyone would agree that 2012 turned out to be quite a year for Soundgarden. The band got back together, played several shows and recorded a brand new studio album. But the guys have gone quiet again, mostly so frontman Chris Cornell can have his own time in the spotlight.

It’s true. Cornell has embarked on a trek he’s calling the “Songbook Solo Acoustic Tour.” It highlights songs from his whole career, but this was the very first time fans of North America were able to hear the acoustic arrangements of songs from the first new album of Soundgarden named “King Animal” (2012) in over 16 years.

Fall tour dates were announced in August, and the tour officially kicks off in October at the Balboa Theatre in San Diego, California. It will also mark the launch of The Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation, that provides help to most vulnerable children. One dollar from each sold ticket on the tour was donated to the Foundation, and a part from the funds will also go to ChildHaven’s Creative Music Therapy Program Expansion.

Cornell the ‘King Animal’ of Soundgarden

One artist called it the “coolest thing” on their 2013 tour schedule. Saying otherwise they were proud to be part of such a historic event. And indeed, how many people can say they were part of the 57th Inauguration of the USA President?

Chris Cornell and Soundgarden had the chance to join the inauguration celebrations of President Barack Obama soon after he took the oath of office in January, 2013. Cornell was invited to play the Inaugural Ball alongside artists like Alicia Keys, Brad Paisley, Jennifer Hudson and Marc Anthony. And even though Soundgarden are in the middle of their current tour run in North America, the recently reunited rockers couldn’t help but add the special appearance to their itinerary.

Soundgarden has been back together since 2010, when Cornell on his Twitter account announced the reunion. The band has headlined Lollapalooza the same year, made a number of television appearances, then toured the country in summer 2011. A few months later, Cornell revealed that in early 2012 a Soundgarden album consisting of new material would be released.

Fans would in fact have to wait until November, 2012 for the release of the sixth studio album by Soundgarden “King Animal,” and the band’s first in 16 years. “Been Away Too Long” was the first song from the project, which sold 83,000 copies in the USA during its very first week to land at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 chart, which made it the third-highest position of Soundgarden’s career.

Soundgarden is embarking on a full-on tour in support of “King Animal,” with dates scheduled in the US through May.

Don’t fret, Soundgarden fans. When Cornell’s tour wraps he says there are more albums in the band’s future. He told GMI Rock, “There is nothing that stops us from continuing making records, that is for sure, and continuing playing shows.” In other words, it sounds like Cornell’s one-man band act will turn into a full-blown band act sometime in the near future.