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In the age of social media dominance, very few artists could showcase themselves with a following: known through word-of-mouth and sustained by steady touring. Be that as it may, Dave Matthews Band – Matthews, Jeff Coffin (saxophonist), Stefan Lessard (bassist), Tim Reynolds (guitarist), Boyd Tinsley (violinist), Rashawn Ross(trumpeter) and Carter Beauford drummer) – could and they still do it.

Crossing the country since its beginning in 1991, Dave Matthews Band was well-known for its staggering live performances over the USA and Europe. Its summer stops have frequently been highlighted by an extensive video and laser light show created and produced by former road manager and current lighting architect and video director Fenton Williams.

Two key events have been of great assistance in shaping Dave Matthews Band as it is known today. The first one came in 1996, when Matthews dispatched an assault on the bootleggers together with the U.S. Central Government. The endeavors led to an extraordinary crackdown the next year, and resulted in the DMB’s first official two disc live album release called “Live at Red Rocks 8.15.95.”

The second one was the tragic death of the first saxophonist of the band, LeRoi Moore. He suffered serious injuries and passed away two months after a severe car accident in June 2008. A former saxophonist of Bela Fleck took his place and became a part of the three-disc recording from Colorado shows of that summer, “Live at the Mile High Music Festival”.

Dave Matthews Band had paid in 2009 to Moore for the recording of their latest album “Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King.” It had hit the number one at the Billboard-200, which has given the fifth forthcoming number one debut to the band.

DMB took the year off in touring in 2011, yet came back to the street in 2012.

The band’s well-known sound has never showed signs of change much, yet that is totally fine for its eighth “Away from the World” album, which has been recorded and released on September eleventh, 2012. While of no remarkable turning point to the band, the venture denoted the arrival of Steve Lillywhite, the producer who last had been working with DMB on a joint effort in 2000 on “The Lillywhite Sessions,” which has never been released. Suffice to say, Steve Lillywhite together with Dave Matthews Band achieved more during this time around. “Away from the World” made the number one at the Billboard-200, the 6th DMB release to hit the absolute top of the charts. That deed put the band on one step with a well-known group the Eagles for the most “number one” albums recorded by any American band through the whole chart history. Indeed something to tell about!

Taking after the album release discharge, Dave Matthews Band commenced it’s 2012 Winter Tour along with a two-day East Rutherford concert, NJ on November thirtieth and December first. That tour got again in spring through the south, including several stops at the Heritage Festival and New Orleans Jazz, and has proceeded into the mid year. Also, among things that with Matthews help have hit the headlines were the following: The artist was riding a bike in Hershey, Pennsylvania on July 13 when he punctured the tire and was stranded on the street side. Fortunately for the crooner, he was picked up by a devoted fan who got the rush of a lifetime when she gave him a lift to his own particular show.

Dave and Tim were reportedly commencing a couple of shows in 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The couple were playing the memorable Saenger Theater on January fifteenth and sixteenth. The iconic place was constructed in 1927 in the Italian Renaissance style. It was a leader of the Saenger Theater chain at one time. Thought ruined in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina, the Saenger has experienced broad remodel and reclamation, and will be revived as a performing expressions center.