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A History of Deftones tickets

A groundbreaking metal band from Sacramento, Deftones established their own sound with slamming guitar riffs that took a page out of Black Sabbath’s book, but often overlaid with a series of soft, cerebral vocals punctuated with screaming choruses. Many bands have followed their style since the Deftones set the mark. Deftones tickets give you access to the band that originated a style that has since swept the metal genre. Deftones was founded in 1989 by Chino Moreno (lead vocals), Stephen Carpenter (guitar) and Abe Cunningham (drums). They added bassist Chi Cheng and started playing the metal clubs of Sacramento, working to expand their sound and solidify their brand.

Strong Debut

After touring for several years, the quartet released its first album titled Adrenaline in 1995 and toured relentlessly to promote it. Their strategy worked well, and Adrenaline sold more than 200,000 copies. By 1997, expectations were already high for their second release, and Around the Fur didn’t disappoint, scoring hits with the singles ‘My Own Summer (Shove It)’ and ‘Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)’, which were assisted by their popular videos. Between the second and third albums, Deftones became a quintet when turntablist and keyboardist Frank Delgado joined. After releasing the EP Live in 1999, Deftones built anticipation of their third feature album high. White Pony, released in 2000, again delivered, debuting at No. 3 on the Billboard album charts. With Delgado’s input, Deftones was adding new components to its sound, as demonstrated on ‘Teenager,’ a moody trip-hop song. Influences of the Cure and the Smiths could be heard to creep into their sound as well. The band’s 2003 release Deftones continued to expand on their musical styles, again incorporating trip hop, and though it received critical acclaim it was not a fan favorite like its predecessors. Saturday Night Wrist, released in 2006, was again a critical success but didn’t enjoy the Billboard success as earlier albums. Tensions among band members were beginning to tug at the fray as well, particularly Chi Cheng’s drug addiction. Though Deftones have remained a popular concert draw, 2010’s Diamond Eyes provided a sort of comeback recording for the band, even as they continue to expand their sound.