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Darius Rucker Tickets


02/24/2022 08:00

Darius Rucker

Wang Theater At The Boch Center - Boston


03/24/2022 08:00

Darius Rucker

The Chicago Theatre - Chicago


03/25/2022 08:00

Darius Rucker

Fox Theatre - Detroit - Detroit


03/18/2022 08:00

Darius Rucker

Murat Theatre at Old National Centre - Indianapolis


03/19/2022 08:00

Darius Rucker

Murat Theatre at Old National Centre - Indianapolis


11/13/2021 07:00

Darius Rucker

Laughlin Events Center - Laughlin


03/03/2022 08:00

Darius Rucker

Riverside Theatre - WI - Milwaukee


03/04/2022 08:00

Darius Rucker

Orpheum Theatre - Minneapolis - Minneapolis


04/01/2022 08:00

Darius Rucker

Saenger Theatre - New Orleans - New Orleans


02/25/2022 08:00

Darius Rucker

Beacon Theatre - NY - New York


02/26/2022 08:00

Darius Rucker

Beacon Theatre - NY - New York


02/17/2022 08:00

Darius Rucker

The Met - Philadelphia - Philadelphia


02/18/2022 08:00

Darius Rucker

Benedum Center - Pittsburgh


03/17/2022 08:00

Darius Rucker

Fabulous Fox Theatre - St. Louis - St. Louis


04/02/2022 06:00

Jason Aldean Darius Rucker & Walker County

TPC San Antonio - San Antonio


11/16/2021 07:30

Kicks 99 Guitar Pull

James Brown Arena - Augusta

Darius Rucker Tour Dates 2021 - 2022

Darius Rucker never ceases to amaze his fans: having recently completed one large-scale tour, he immediately planned another! The artist intends to tour in early 2022. According to the musician, he has scheduled the start of the tour for February. As for the completion of the tour — Darius Rucker intends to finish it in April, but these dates may be slightly changed. Due to the good demand for the artist's performances, he can extend the tour for several days. The first performance of the musician in 2022 will take place on February 17. The tour will be completed in order to support the musician's album. The album "When Was the Last Time" cannot be called new: it was released back in 2017, but it still remains very relevant for listeners. Information about special guests during the tour has not yet been provided.

Darius Rucker Concert Tour Album

The album of the famous country artist Darius Rucker called "When Was the Last Time" made a very good impression on the listeners. The compositions from this album became very popular. Critics also confirmed that the album was successful and professional. At the moment, this album released in 2017 is the last work of Rucker. So far, he continues to tour in support of it. It should be noted that the album was released by Capitol Records.

Darius Rucker Concert Tour Questions & Answers

How long is Darius Rucker's concert?

It is officially stated that the duration of the artist's concert is 1, 25 minutes. However, as a rule, performances last 2-3 hours. The duration of the concert, as you know, depends on many factors.

How much are tickets for Darius Rucker?

Tickets to the artist's concerts cost from 60 to one hundred dollars. Important! We are not talking about VIP class tickets

How can I meet Darius Rucker?

To meet an artist, you need to buy Meet And Greet Tickets

Who is performing with Darius Rucker?

In 2021, Caylee Hammack performed with the artist. Information about the tour in 2022 is being clarified.

Darius Rucker Bio

Darius Carlos Rucker sings and performs music that was liked by listeners in America and abroad. The artist was born in 1966. Initially, the musician did not think about a solo career, they first learned about him as an artist in a group called Hootie & the Blowfish. The band was playing rock. It is important to note that Rucker does an excellent job with any musical styles: according to many critics, he is great in everything. For example, the artist's solo album was released in the R&B genre. Continuing his experiments, Darius eventually found himself taking up country music. The compositions performed by him quickly won the hearts of listeners and hit the charts. He became the first African-American in history to take first place in the country music charts. To date, the artist has recorded five country-style albums and each of them is distinguished by originality and the presence of hits.

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