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Guster Tickets


01/15/2022 08:00


House Of Blues - Boston - Boston


01/16/2022 08:00


House Of Blues - Boston - Boston


01/22/2022 07:30


Riviera Theatre - IL - Chicago


01/21/2022 07:00


Saint Andrews Hall - Detroit - Detroit


01/23/2022 08:00


Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall - Homestead


01/13/2022 07:30


Ulster Performing Arts Center - Kingston


01/14/2022 07:00


Wellmont Theatre - Montclair


01/18/2022 08:00


Lincoln Theatre - DC - Washington


01/19/2022 08:00


Lincoln Theatre - DC - Washington

Guster Tour Dates 2022

Popular among rock fans, the band Guster has planned a tour. Contrary to the expectations of fans, the tour will not be long, the concerts will last only eight days. At the moment, it is known that the artists are planning to visit several cities in America. Among them are Washington, Detroit and others. Despite the fact that the tour is short, the musicians promise to make it very bright and dynamic. The tour will be carried out in support of one of the most memorable albums of the band "Look Alive". The concerts will feature not only the compositions of this album, but also the singles of the past years that the listeners really liked and remembered. The band members also announced that some concerts will be attended by special guests. So far, it is known that Ben Kweller will join the tour, but other celebrities may also participate later. The performers in the interview said that the tour will be very emotional.

Guster Concert Tour Album

The album called Look Alive was released in 2019, but there is still a lot of talk and writing about it in the press. The album has a rather unusual sound. The rock band Guster put a lot of work into this album, which was appreciated by the listeners. Critics praised the album, calling it very high-quality. Many songs from the album took high positions in the charts of a number of countries.

Guster Concert Tour Questions & Answers

How long is a Guster concert?

As a rule, the band's concert lasts from 2 to three hours, depending on the length of the break and depending on the reaction of the listeners. Musicians often perform popular compositions repeatedly.

How many albums has Guster sold?

According to official information, the band has sold more than 35,000 copies of albums, which critics estimate as a very good result.

What's Guster tickets price?

Ticket prices range from one hundred to 200 dollars. A number is of great importance. In which the ticket was purchased, the distance from the stage and the venue of the concert.

Is there an age limit for Guster concerts?

It is noteworthy that different states and cities have different rules. As a rule, listeners who have reached the age of majority are allowed to attend rockers' concerts, but sometimes in some regions admission is also available to listeners from the age of 12.

Guster Bio

The band was formed in Boston (1991), but became known all over the world. The founders of the collective are Adam Gardner, Ryan Miller and Brian Rosenworcel. The guys devoted all their free time to music, since their University studies they had a dream to become musicians. In the first years after the formation, the band played for the underground. The artists released their debut album in 1994. Neither critics nor the audience noticed the album. The second attempt also turned out to be not entirely successful – the second album released in 1997 also did not bring the band success. The real recognition and fame of the artists was brought by their third album called Lost and Gone Forever. A big role in this was played by the single Fa Fa, which was liked by listeners of many countries. The first foreign performance of the group took place in 1999 when the artists visited Canada. From that moment, international success began: the band began to tour actively. To date, the band has released 8 albums. Starting from the third, all their works are evaluated positively by critics.

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