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Joywave Tickets


03/29/2022 08:00


Terminal West At King Plow Arts Center - Atlanta


03/22/2022 06:00


Scoot Inn - Austin


04/05/2022 08:00


Paradise Rock Club - Boston


04/06/2022 07:00


The Hall at Elsewhere - Brooklyn


04/03/2022 07:00


Town Ballroom - Buffalo


03/04/2022 08:00


Metro Chicago - Chicago


03/01/2022 08:00


Beachland Ballroom - Cleveland


03/21/2022 08:00


Trees - Dallas


03/09/2022 06:00


Bluebird Theater - Denver


03/09/2022 09:30


Bluebird Theater - Denver


03/02/2022 07:00


Magic Stick - Detroit


03/26/2022 07:30


Culture Room - Fort Lauderdale


02/26/2022 08:00


The Englewood - Hummelstown


03/24/2022 07:00


Jack Rabbits - FL - Jacksonville


03/08/2022 08:00


The Truman - Kansas City - Kansas City


03/16/2022 07:00


Teragram Ballroom - Los Angeles


03/06/2022 08:00


Majestic Theatre Madison - Madison


03/19/2022 08:00


Nile Theater - AZ - Mesa


03/05/2022 08:00


Fine Line Music Cafe - Minneapolis


03/30/2022 08:00


Mercy Lounge - Nashville


03/25/2022 06:00


The Social - FL - Orlando


04/02/2022 08:00


Union Transfer - Philadelphia


03/12/2022 08:00


Wonder Ballroom - Portland


04/08/2022 08:00


Anthology - Rochester - Rochester


03/10/2022 07:00


The Grand At The Complex - Salt Lake City


03/18/2022 08:00


The Observatory - North Park - San Diego


03/15/2022 08:00


The Independent - San Francisco


03/13/2022 08:00


The Showbox - Seattle


03/27/2022 08:00


Orpheum - Tampa - Tampa


04/01/2022 06:00


9:30 Club - Washington

Joywave Tour Dates 2022

Joywave is a band whose tours listeners are always looking forward to. Each tour of this band is different from the previous one, each concert is individual. The band recently announced a tour planned for 2022. The famous team plans to visit 30 cities in North America. Presumably, the concert program will be designed for a period of time from February to April. The list of cities that the group will visit includes Dallas, San Francisco, Brooklyn and others. Critics predict that the tour will be very successful. This forecast is based on the fact that the band's tour has become one of the most discussed events on social networks, in particular on Twitter. Information regarding the invited guests has not yet been published. However, in the last tour, which took place in 2019, the artists invited MISSION, Weathers and Opsahl to their concerts. The tour is organized in support of the band's new album called "Cleanse".

Joywave Concert Tour Album

The album of the Joywave band called "Cleanse" has not yet been released, but there is already a lot of talk and writing about it. The album is currently scheduled to be released in February 2011, on the eve of the band's North American tour. "Cleanse" is well known, many fans of the band and not only them are waiting for its release. Critics are also looking forward to this record.In past interviews, the band members have said that the album has every chance of success, since a lot of work and emotions have been invested in it.

Joywave Concert Tour Questions & Answers

What genre of music is Joywave?

The band plays Alternative/Indie. It is noteworthy that it was this team that managed to attract a lot of listeners to this genre who were not previously interested in such directions.

How much are tickets for Joywave?

The cost ranges from 50 to 200 dollars, depending on your priorities when choosing a place at the concert

How long is the Joywave concert?

On average, the concert lasts 2, 5 hours. Time often changes: it all depends on the length of breaks and other circumstances.

Joywave Bio

When Daniel Armbruster, Joseph Paul Brenner, Benjamin Bale organized the group, they did not even suspect what success awaited them. They didn't think about worldwide fame. However, their hard work and talent played a big role and the guys became very popular. They organized the band in 2010 . Before the hit called "Dangerous", few people knew about the musicians. However, after this composition, fans from all over the world found out about them. The album "Content" also brought success. At the moment, the band has three albums, the fourth is expected to be released in 2022. At first, critics did not actively comment on the team's work. However, starting in 2017, many words of praise have been addressed to the group. Their compositions occupy excellent positions in the charts, and concerts are always sold out. The band plans to develop and actively tour. In recent years, the fan base of performers has expanded significantly. They began to be listened to in many countries of the world.

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