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Little Feat Tickets


04/09/2022 08:00

Little Feat

Akron Civic Theatre - Akron


11/16/2021 07:30

Little Feat

Hart Theatre At The Egg - Albany


01/19/2022 08:00

Little Feat

Thomas Wolfe Auditorium at Harrah's Cherokee Center - Asheville


03/22/2022 08:00

Little Feat

Atlanta Symphony Hall - Atlanta


03/20/2022 08:00

Little Feat

Alabama Theatre - Birmingham - Birmingham


11/20/2021 08:00

Little Feat

Flynn Center for the Performing Arts - Burlington


01/20/2022 08:00

Little Feat

Charleston Music Hall - Charleston


03/11/2022 07:30

Little Feat

The Factory - Chesterfield - Chesterfield


03/10/2022 07:30

Little Feat

The Chicago Theatre - Chicago


03/14/2022 08:00

Little Feat

Taft Theatre - Cincinnati


01/25/2022 08:00

Little Feat

Ruth Eckerd Hall - Clearwater


03/04/2022 08:00

Little Feat

Southern Theatre - Columbus


03/27/2022 07:00

Little Feat

Majestic Theatre - Dallas - Dallas


01/22/2022 08:00

Little Feat

Peabody Auditorium - Daytona Beach


03/08/2022 07:30

Little Feat

Hoyt Sherman Place Theater - Des Moines


04/21/2022 08:00

Little Feat

Carolina Theatre - Durham - Durham


01/23/2022 08:00

Little Feat

Lillian S. Wells Hall at The Parker - Fort Lauderdale


01/27/2022 07:30

Little Feat

Sunrise Theatre - FL - Fort Pierce


03/26/2022 07:30

Little Feat

713 Music Hall - Houston


11/15/2021 08:00

Little Feat

Paramount Theatre - Huntington - Huntington


11/12/2021 08:00

Little Feat

Ithaca State Theatre - Ithaca


03/05/2022 08:00

Little Feat

State Theatre - Kalamazoo - Kalamazoo


03/19/2022 08:00

Little Feat

Tennessee Theatre - Knoxville


11/19/2021 08:00

Little Feat

Lowell Memorial Auditorium - Lowell


01/26/2022 07:30

Little Feat

King Center For The Performing Arts - Melbourne


03/07/2022 08:00

Little Feat

Pabst Theater - Milwaukee


03/23/2022 08:00

Little Feat

Saenger Theatre Mobile - Mobile


11/13/2021 08:00

Little Feat

Mayo Performing Arts Center - Morristown


03/13/2022 07:30

Little Feat

Brown County Music Center - Nashville


03/16/2022 07:30

Little Feat

Ryman Auditorium - Nashville


03/17/2022 07:30

Little Feat

Ryman Auditorium - Nashville


03/25/2022 08:00

Little Feat

Saenger Theatre - New Orleans - New Orleans


11/17/2021 08:00

Little Feat

Calvin Theatre - Northampton


11/11/2021 08:00

Little Feat

Capitol Theatre - Port Chester - Port Chester


11/21/2021 08:00

Little Feat

State Theatre - ME - Portland


04/19/2022 08:00

Little Feat

Carpenter Theatre at Dominion Energy Center - Richmond


04/10/2022 07:30

Little Feat

Kodak Center Theater - Rochester


04/20/2022 08:00

Little Feat

Sandler Center For The Performing Arts - Virginia Beach

Little Feat Tour Dates 2021 - 2022

The world-famous band called Little Feat delighted fans with the news about the organization of a new tour. Despite the fact that the band is called veterans, their music is liked by many generations of listeners. According to the latest information, the planned tour is not quite ordinary. It's festive. The tour is dedicated to a significant date, the 45th anniversary of a unique, world-famous album called "Waiting for Columbus". At the moment, it is assumed that the concert tour will last 22 or 23 days. Before the start of the tour in 2022, the band gave separate concerts as part of a tour called By Request Tour, tickets for which can also be purchased. Speaking of the 2022 tour, concerts in cities such as Chicago, Dallas and others are planned as part of it. Critics are already saying that the band's concert tour will be a very significant event. The compositions that the band will perform are loved and appreciated by fans from many countries. The press writes that many fans will specially come to America from other countries to listen to the performance of idols.

Little Feat Concert Tour Album

The album titled "Waiting for Columbus" is the debut work of the legendary band. The album was released back in 1978, but its sound is still relevant. There are a lot of billboards on this album that rock music lovers all over the world know and sing. 2002 was a significant year for the band. It was during this period that the legendary album was reissued. The new version of the record was replenished with new songs and took excellent positions in the charts. Note that many compositions have been modified and acquired a fairly new sound.

Little Feat Concert Tour Questions & Answers

What type of music is Little Feat?

Group plays compositions in the style of rock and not only.

Does Little Feat still tour?

Yes, the band is actively touring. The years 2021 and 2022 proved to be very fruitful for the band.

What was Little Feat's biggest hit?

According to most music publications and critics, the most rated and successful hit of the band was a composition called Let It Roll.

Should I be vaccinated to visit a concert?

Yes, at the moment, full vaccination is required to attend the band's concert, but this requirement may be removed depending on the epidemiological situation in the world.

How much are tickets for Little Feat?

Tickets for the band's concerts cost from one hundred to 250 dollars, depending on your location requirements.

Little Feat Bio

The band has long been a legend not only for rock and roll fans, but also for music lovers in general. The musicians also play blues and jazz superbly. The collective, created back in 1969, still continues to enjoy success despite the change of composition and repertoire. The creators of the group were Loel George and Bill Payne. The team started brightly, unforgettable. In a short period of time, the band managed to gain a lot of fans in different countries of the world. Many critics call the initial composition of the group a classic example of perfect harmony. Despite the differences in real life, going on stage, the musicians became one and offered the listener a magnificent, harmonious performance. That is why the breakup of the band was a real tragedy for many. The collective disbanded in 1979, shortly after that its founder George died. A few years later, the band started performing again and is still active. Although its composition has undergone significant changes, the quality of performance is still on top.

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