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The Fugees Tickets


03/17/2022 08:00

The Fugees

State Farm Arena - GA - Atlanta


03/02/2022 08:00

The Fugees

United Center - Chicago


03/27/2022 08:00

The Fugees

The Forum - Los Angeles - Inglewood


03/19/2022 08:00

The Fugees

FTX Arena - Miami


03/13/2022 08:00

The Fugees

Prudential Center - Newark


03/29/2022 08:00

The Fugees

Oakland Arena - Oakland


03/14/2022 08:00

The Fugees

Capital One Arena - Washington

The Fugees Tour Dates 2021

The legendary Fugees musical collective makes a unique tour that reunited the long-disbanded band. The tour is organized in honor of the anniversary – the most famous album of the band "The Score" turns 25 years old! The team plans to visit seven cities. The performance of the band caused delight among music lovers: the trio wants to listen in many countries of the world. It is known that the band will not be limited to performances in America: the band will also perform in France, Great Britain, Nigeria and Ghana. The band decided to expand the geography of the tour after fans from many countries asked the legendary band to come. Band members Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean and Pras Michel will perform together for the first time in a quarter of a century. Fans of the band consider this event to be truly significant and hope that this will not be the last joint tour of talented performers.

The Fugees Concert Tour Album

The album of the band "The Score" has become a truly landmark. This is the band's second album, after which the band did not record any more records. The album was released in 1996, but it is still popular today. The hits of the group are known by both the older generation and the youth. The album was highly appreciated by critics from all over the world. The album was also awarded a Grammy and certified platinum. The album features an unusual range of instrumental music. Alternative directions presented in this album became very fashionable in the 1990s.

The Fugees Concert Tour Questions & Answers

Are Fugees coming back?

No, the band does not return to performances and does not reunite. The band went on a one-time tour in honor of the anniversary of their album, but we are not talking about returning to working together

Why did the Fugees break up?

The official reason that the group broke up is the desire of each artist to pursue his own free-style career. Nevertheless, information often appeared in the press that the official version does not correspond to reality and the group broke up due to problems in mutual relations

How much fugees tickets -2021?

The average cost of tickets for the performance of the legendary band is $ 230. However, the cost may vary depending on the location in relation to the stage.

The Fugees Bio

The team has a bright, though not very long history. It was founded in the 90s, and this year was the peak of its popularity. The line-up of the band was very bright and attention-grabbing: Wyclef Jean, Price Michel and Lorin Hill. The band's second album made a real splash: it became one of the best-selling albums in the world, which surprised many professional critics and experts. The album was called "The Score" and was released in 1996.Despite the great success, the band broke up in 1997. The official version sounded like this: each of the participants wants to pursue a solo career. The band reunited only twice for joint tours: in 2004 and 2021. The group is rightfully called one of the most popular hip-hop groups in the world. Many critics claim that so far no one has managed to repeat their success in this particular niche. Many people call the band the "greatest trio" of all time because it was this band that broke sales records in its direction.

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