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Touche Amore Tickets


03/15/2022 07:00

Touche Amore

Hell at The Masquerade - GA - Atlanta


03/10/2022 08:00

Touche Amore

Mohawk - Austin Outdoors - Austin


03/23/2022 08:00

Touche Amore

Paradise Rock Club - Boston


04/05/2022 08:00

Touche Amore

Commonwealth Bar - Calgary


03/29/2022 06:30

Touche Amore

Metro Chicago - Chicago


03/11/2022 08:00

Touche Amore

Club Dada - Dallas


04/01/2022 08:00

Touche Amore

Marquis Theater - CO - Denver


03/26/2022 07:00

Touche Amore

Magic Stick - Detroit


04/06/2022 07:00

Touche Amore

Starlite Room - Edmonton


03/22/2022 07:00

Touche Amore

The Ballroom at The Outer Space - Hamden


03/12/2022 09:00

Touche Amore

The Studio at Warehouse Live - Houston


03/05/2022 08:00

Touche Amore

Belasco Theater - LA - Los Angeles


03/24/2022 07:30

Touche Amore

Theatre Fairmount - Montreal


03/20/2022 06:00

Touche Amore

Irving Plaza - New York


03/04/2022 08:00

Touche Amore

Starline Social Club - Oakland


03/14/2022 07:00

Touche Amore

The Social - FL - Orlando


03/19/2022 08:00

Touche Amore

Union Transfer - Philadelphia


03/08/2022 08:00

Touche Amore

The Rebel Lounge - Phoenix - Phoenix


04/10/2022 09:00

Touche Amore

Star Theater Portland - Portland


03/28/2022 05:30

Touche Amore

Amsterdam Bar and Hall - Saint Paul


04/02/2022 07:00

Touche Amore

Soundwell - Salt Lake City


03/06/2022 08:00

Touche Amore

Sidestage at SOMA - San Diego


04/12/2022 09:00

Touche Amore

Live in the Atrium at The Catalyst - Santa Cruz


04/09/2022 05:00

Touche Amore

The Crocodile - Seattle


03/30/2022 08:00

Touche Amore

Off Broadway - St. Louis


03/25/2022 07:00

Touche Amore

Velvet Underground - Toronto


04/08/2022 08:00

Touche Amore

The Venue - Vancouver - Vancouver


03/18/2022 07:00

Touche Amore

Black Cat - DC - Washington


03/16/2022 06:00

Touche Amore

New Brookland Tavern - West Columbia

Touche Amore Tour Dates 2022

The world-famous and popular rock band Touché Amoré has announced its readiness to return to touring in 2022. The musicians have planned an extensive program that will start in North America. It is stated that initially the tour was planned for a month, but later it may be extended. The musicians explained that they will start performing in March 2022 and plan to play the first concert of the tour in Auckland. The artists promise in their interviews that the tour will be bright and very dynamic. It is aimed at supporting the band's album called "Lament". At the moment, it is known that the 30-day tour includes performances not only in major American cities, but also in Canada. In Canada, the group will visit five cities. It is announced that the Touché Amoré tour provides for the participation of guests. These guests are Vein.fm, Dogleg and others. Whether the guests will take part in all concerts or perform selectively has not yet been announced.

Touche Amore Concert Tour Album

The album titled "Lament" is the band's fifth. Listeners called him very strong and energetic. The band released an album in 2020. The record took good positions in many charts, although at first the reviews of the band's work were very contradictory. The album includes a performance by the Manchester Orchestra in one of the tracks, which was undoubtedly a big plus. It should be noted that this is the first album of the band produced by the famous Ross Robinston. In music circles, it is often said: everything that this producer undertakes turns out very well. As a result, the album received excellent scores from critics - 83 out of 100.

Touche Amore Concert Tour Questions & Answers

Is Touché Amoré tour cancelled? No, this information is incorrect. There were no cancellations or postponements of concerts in the Touché Amoré 2022 tour.

Should I be vaccinated to come to the Touché Amoré concert?

According to the information at the moment, the answer to this question is positive. However, the requirements may change before the start of the group's tour.

How much are tickets for Touché Amoré?

If we talk about North America, where the tour will begin, then ticket prices are 50-100 dollars.

How long does Touché Amoré play?

As a rule, the concert lasts about 90 minutes. A lot depends on the reaction of the audience, on the general mood and duration of the performances of the guests of the show.

Touche Amore Bio

The band from California is famous in many countries of the world for its unusual style of performance and incredible energy. The group was created quite a long time ago, in 2007. Five people play in the team. The data of the vocalist of the band Jeremy Bolm has long been appreciated by critics and many countries. He has a strong, soulful voice that cannot be confused with others. Each of the band's five albums is very memorable. The compositions from each record have achieved great success in many charts. The band's compositions have not lost their popularity over the years. Many tracks remain in the charts for several years. The group does not stop there and continues to develop creatively, achieving.

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