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Halestorm Tickets – A Storm Is Coming

And it was a big one. One that could knock down houses and skyscrapers with one single breath. Let’s remember the year of 1997 when siblings vocalist and guitarist Elizabeth and drummer Arejay Hale began a band with later lineup members Josh Smith (bass guitar) and Joe Hottinger (guitar). They called the band Halestorm. They were hardcore, hardcore enough to land them a contract with Atlantic Records.

It was producer David Ivory that took notice of this band’s hardcore yet melodic taste, and it did not take a lot of time for a debut to come around, namely the One and Done 5-song EP that was recorded at a Philadelphia show as live version. There was true youth in this band, true talent — you could definitely expect them to keep pulling in songs that really dug into your core, your heart, your soul.

The Sound of the Storm Coming

Why were they so good? Let’s be honest. They did not have as much distribution connection as, say, Evanescence; but for sure, if you liked that sort of alternative hard rock, you’d like the Halestorm quite well. Lead singer Elizabeth (then nicknamed for the band Lzzy nailed that melodic angst that was so prevalent in Amy Lee, and many other lead singers with a beautiful voice. Don’t discount the talent of the Halestorm. They were true — and continue to be true — to the hard rock genre in a big way.