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Hollywood Undead

Hollywood Undead Tickets – Total Originality From Hollywood

Many might think that music could never again be original. In fact, you would find a lot of sampling from any other artists all the time. It’s part of the game. But when you come across something original, fanatical, and universal as the indomitable Hollywood Undead, you’ve got something exemplary. And, yes, that’s a lot of big words there. Born in 2005 on the streets of Hollywood, California, the members of the Undead with their masks, hardcore hip-hop mentality, and interesting stage names — such as J-Dog, Tha Producer, Charlie Scene, Johnny 3 Tears, Funny Man, Shady Jeff, and Da Kurlzz — revitalized the music arena with their intensity, founded on MySpace, amazingly enough. Needless to say, Interscope Records got wind of them.

Hollywood Undead Tickets – Interesting Music? Yes

And that’s an understatement. When Swan Songs came out in 2008, the singles struck a note with music lovers everywhere, prompting a second album released in March of 2011 entitled American tragedy. However, the Undead’s journey to stardom is definitely not a tragedy by any measure.

Hollywood Undead Tickets – Musical Fusion at Its Best

It’s like eating loads of candy — without getting fat. The Undead bring to you sounds incorporated from styles of hip-hop, rock, and even some hardcore metal edges. That’s a lot of fusion — and exactly what the music industry would need. Something original. The Hollywood Undead are definitely that to a tee and now they are back at it so scroll above to check out Hollywood Undead tour dates.