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Eli Young Band

Heartland rock can now be heard in every dive bar and honky tonk in the state of Texas. But those well-known on the circuit also tend to stay on the circuit. The ones that make it out are the solo acts and bands whose music transcends the alt-country label. Meet one such group…

The Eli Young Band had a good life in the Lone Star State. They were a particularly strong draw in the Southwest thanks to heavy rotation on local radio and extensive, non-stop touring. But Mike Eli and James Young wanted something more than sharing the stage at local coffeehouses and bars, especially when Jon Jones has joined them on bass and Chris Thompson joined on drums to complete the Eli Young Band. The band was poised to break out, and break out they did.

Eli Young Band opened a show for Miranda Lambert, another rising star, in 2003. That performance not only landed them a spot on indy label Carnival Recording Co., they leapfrogged some of the biggest draws in the area, headlining shows above capacity while opening around the country for the likes of Pat Green and Jack Ingram. But as they saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas and the career of the Eli Young Band was just taking off.

By 2006, the Eli Young Band had landed at the Universal-distributed Republic Records. The first album of the group, titled “Jet Black & Jealous,” was recorded two years later. It made hits out of singles like “When It Rains” and “Always the Love Songs,” but the band hit the big time when “Life at Best” bowed in August 2011. It spun off back-to-back No. 1 songs “Crazy Girl” and “Even If It Breaks Your Heart,” that was as well nominated for a plethora of awards.

“Drunk Last Night,” the first song from their coming fifth studio album, was released to radio in July, 2013. They are currently opening on the No Shoes Nation Tour for Kenny Chesney.