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EMI Records took notice and signed the quartet for their debut album back in 1984. The band wouldn’t find commercial success, however, until 1990. By that point Irons had departed, Slovak had died of a drug overdose and the band had worked its way through several personnel changes and several albums. A fresh lineup revolutionized the group ? with John Frusciante and Chad Smith joining the ranks. The result of the change was 1989’s ‘Mother’s Milk,’ a certified gold album with the surprise hit ‘Higher Ground.’

What came next was 1991’s ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik,’ their first release to begin a new label contract with Warner Bros. Records. Thanks to the genuine hit ‘Give It Away’ and the popular rock ballad ‘Under the Bridge,’ the Peppers hit the big time. However, they didn’t stop there, as 1995 saw the release of ‘One Hot Minute,’ an album that drew mixed reviews but sold more than eight million copies worldwide. It was enough to lead the Peppers into what could be called a reunion project, and a record that remains their biggest success to date. It was called ‘Californication,’ and racked up global sales of 15 million.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers had a crazy busy 2014. Of course it did not start the best of possible, as back in February the band admitted it largely faked its Super Bowl halftime show performance.

The Chili Peppers had joined Bruno Mars on stage at the big game to play their ’90s staple “Give It Away,” but viewers took to social media to slam the group after it was evident their guitar and bass were unplugged. The band says it made a “lone exception” to mime playing instruments over a vocal track, and that the decision was made by the NFL (which was not willing to risk any expected sound problems during the show).

All was forgiven in short order, and no matter what, fans seemed to dig the “unplugged” performance. The next thing is that the band was appearing on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” creating a bunch of new side projects, writing autobiographies and … working on the new album?

That certainly seems to be the case, as an Instagram video recently came to light showing band members seemingly working on new music in the studio. And while the video may leave fans hanging in terms of actually hearing something new, it does suggest something is coming down the pipe.

Red Hot Chili Peppers were not releasing anything since their tenth album “I’m With You” in 2011 and with the video out, fan furor will only ramp up until release day. With a new project should also come new tour dates, and we know you are probably looking forward to see the Chili Peppers live, given that their lone appearance on the calendar will come June 14 at the Isle of Wright Festival in England.

Tour dates are the one thing definitely not lacking on the Chili Peppers’ calendar. The veteran rockers have been crisscrossing the globe, and most recently made headlines when they arrived in Israel on July 3 for the band’s first concert in the country. A crowd of tens of thousands spilled out of Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv a few nights later, helping the band to mark the last stop in its European tour.

Not to worry U.S. fans. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are headed your way in just a few weeks. They’ll play several nights at Sullivan Arena in Anchorage, Alaska on August 5 & 6th, then return to the mainland with a date at the Outside Lands in San Francisco on August 11. The band will also head to South America in November to play at the Circuito Banco de Brasil Festival at Mega Space in Rio de Janeiro.”