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Seether Tickets – Different Metals Into One Adamantium

Thank the Wolverine for that — as the fictional metal Adamantium with its indestructible nature can best describe this late ’90s alternative heavy metal band known as Seether. Believe it or not, you wouldn’t have paid attention to that,but the members hail from South Africa — Shaun Morgan as vocalist and guitarist, Dale Stewart on the bass guitar, and John Humphrey on drums. Musketeer Records got wind of this revolutionary hard rock band in 1999, but it wasn’t until they signed with Wind Up Records that they received national acclaim in the US for their music.

Seether Tickets – An Impenetrable Sound

The debut full-length album unveiled a new revolution in hard rock with the rocking single ‘Fine Again’ during a time when lead singer Morgan’s relationship with Evanescence nightingale Amy Lee flourished. It was a time when Seether broke into the mainstream, bringing out hits such as ‘Broken’ and ‘Fake It.’ It seemed that nothing could stop the band from its march to rock stardom.

In 2011, Seether did release another album entitled Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray. That would be their fifth album; and for sure you should expect even more from this genuine rock band to the stars. With rugged and melodic vocals from Morgan coupled with the supreme jagged edges of the guitar, Seether will seethe their way into your hearts like a spiritual blade to the soul.