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The Killers

The Killers

Killers Concert Tickets – That’s Hardcore French For You

Never thought France could birth true heavy metal, right? Wrong. Enter: 1984, a time when the Killers were gathered and formed in Bardos near Bayonne. You’re looking at a career of over 20years with this band, led by guitarist and vocalist Bruno Dolheguy and a massive, mind-swapping boggle of lineup changes from guitarists Didier Deboffe, bass guitarist Pierre Paul, drummer Michel Camiade, guitarist Thierry Andrieu, bass guitarist Patrick Oliver, and drummer Nicko Andrieu. They were the Killers, fierce and definitely French.

Killers Tickets – The Music of the Killers

Back in 1985, they released Fils de la Haine, followed by Danger de Vie the next year. They additionally pulled in 1999’s 109 followed by 2000’s Mauvaises Graines. Their first concession to English language was Killing Games in 2011, propelling them into the English market in a big way, and rightly so.

Regarding their sound, they loved to thrash with the best possible of them. Can you picture a bunch of Frenchmen doing that? You better, because they exist in the Killers. Speed metal was one of their specialties.